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The Six Million Dollar Man

Main Characters

  • Lee Majors as Col. Steve Austin
  • Richard Anderson as President of the O.S.I., Oscar Goldman
  • various, Martin Balsim, Alan Oppenheimer, *Martin E. Brooks

The Six Million Dollar Man is one of my favorite tv shows. The show was started after the "Cyborg" movie that was released in 1972, the show was aired in 1973. They were based on the book "Cyborg" by a famous Sci-Fi author, Martin Caidin. The main character, Steve Austin, played by Lee Majors, is a Colonel in the Air Force and was a volunteer for NASA. He was chosen as a test pilot for an experimental aircraft which soon led to the space shuttle. To rap it all up, something goes wrong in the final stages of the test flight, and it crashed with Col. Austin within it. He lost his right arm, both his legs were crushed, and his left eye was punctured deep enough to damage the optic nerve. His personal physician and doctor was a renown Dr. Rudy Wells. He had been working on an experiment with bionic limbs, which he discontinued because of lack of funding. The O.S.O.(Office of Scientific Operations) found Col. Austin a perfect "guinea pig" for their "Bionic Man" project, so they offer Dr. Wells all the money needed to complete his bionics experiment. Wells finished, and surgically attached all the limbs and the eye to Col. Austin's body after a couple of months. Steve is then brought back from his artificially induced sleep, to train him to use his new parts. He learns remarkably fast and is soon on his way.

eyeHis eye, has a special built in camera, and 20.1:1 zoom lens, all made to perfectly match his other eye.

His arm and legs are incredibly strong, and he is able to run in excess of 67 mph. Oscar Goldman is the director of the O.S.I. (Office of Scientific Intelligence, which he was probably switched to later) and he treated Austin like a "robot" at first(Austin is not too pleased by this), but they eventually became very good friends, and the friendship allowed things to flow since Steve is now willing to follow Oscar Goldman's requests, or orders.

Bionic WomanThe Bionic Woman "strung" off the Six Mill series a little while after the airing of "The Bionic Woman" (a Six Mill episode), where Steve's fiance, Jaime Sommers (a famous tennis player in the show), has an accident during a parachute jump when her lines broke. This is kinda pathetic because it is too similar to Steve's injuries, but she lost her right arm, both her legs, and instead of her eye, she lost her hearing in her right ear from a concussion.

If you are thinking of checking either of the shows out, the Bionic Woman basically sucks, and copies almost all of their episodes from the Six Million Dollar Man. However, if Six Mill also looks stupid, it's probably because it is one of their later episodes, their first episodes were pretty cool, but gradually got stupider and stupider. For more info, check this site out.
Sci-Fi channel, The Dominion

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