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Hottest Babes of Film

Heidi Klum, a HOT super-model

Navy SEALs

Check out the background I made.
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Hottest Babes of Film -Last Updated: 07/12/01
Click here to visit my brand new webpage dedicated to the hottest babes of film. Includes biographic information and photo galleries of each of the pretty ladies. More to come soon!Does the name not explain itself? Click the above link to visit my brand new webpage dedicated to the hottest babes of film. Includes biographic information and photo galleries of each of the pretty ladies. Also more is coming soon including filmographies, more photos, and maybe more actresses.

Friends Page - Friends Photo Gallery -Last Updated: 07/12/01
4.5lb peacock bassThis page is dedicated to my friends, I know I have left some people out, but that's only because I might have forgot or I might have mistakenly thought I have already added that person. Please correct me if you see that I've missed anyone.
Check out the huge peacock bass my buddy Greg caught out of the lake in our backyard. The thing is about 4.5lbs, and is the biggest peacock bass I've ever seen caught out of that lake. Greg is a really good fisher, he caught an 8lb largemouth bass once, the thing is huge, he kept it and had it freeze-dried. The newspaper got a good picture of his catch. I caught a pretty big peacock bass once too, but it was only about 3lbs or less, but that is pretty good for me, since I haven't went fishing for about a year or so. I've caught billions of largemouth bass, but they are pretty common at the sizes I was catching them at. I go fishing once in a while when I'm bored.

Car Stuff -Last Updated: 02/03/02
Click this to see pics on my favorite cars. They're fast, they're bad-ass, and they're in my site.

Guns-Pics of the new .50 caliber rifle available!!
my very best friendHere is a page that contains some of my guns, I still need to take photos and scan some more pics of the rest of the firearms, so check back often.

Navy SEALs
This is my page dedicated to the most deadly force in the US Military, the Navy SEALs. Check it out, I will soon update it to include more pics. Suggestions welcome.

Vacation Pics Are In!!
Last year I was on a nice vacation to Big Bear Lake in California, a couple thousand feet in altitude. Check out the pics I took in my vacation.

Cool-Ass Background
Check out the background I made, if you are a PC user, you will like it. Copy it freely, and put it on your website if you wish, you'll receive "mixed" feeling about it, check it out, you'll know what I'm talking about.

My cat, Maria
Here are pics of my cat, for my lady visitors.

About Me
I really love cars, guns, guitars, the cool weather, and sleep. I also love building websites, this is one of my "wussier" ones, because it seems that whenever I get aggressive at making a webpage, I'll make it too large, with too many pictures, that makes it slow to load, I'm trying to keep this one simpler. Email me freely with any suggestions, insults, complaints, lawsuits, threats, questions, jokes, or if you are just trying to make an online friend. Feel free to email me if you need help with your website, or want to know how I did something. I am usually on Geocities Chat under the name "MustangMan5", in the Cape Canaveral room of the computers and technology section. I am usually online during the nighttime in Eastern Time Zone in the weekends, or Fridays, come visit me if you like. I am now a member of ICQ. My UIN is 5287443, add me to your list if you wish, just make sure you let me know about it.

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If you like my page, like the way I made it, or just see my potential in designing, I am very willing to offer free services for your website, or page if you need any help. Just email me with any questions, or requests. Or if you would like to ask for assistance with your existing page, or would like me to help you create one, click here. I can, and will make 3D Titles similar or better than mine. I do image enhancing, meaning high quality pictures from low ones. I can do Gif animations to make pictures appear to "move". Java Script is a really cool thing to have on your page, I do that too. I guess I just like making webpages, and helping people.

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