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Anti-Hanson Forever
Anti-Hanson Forever

Visit my ultra-cool Navy SEALs page!!

GT-540's WebPage GT-540's WebPage, I helped create it

Epinions.com Write or read reviews of any product or service you can think of. Great place to go and read some user reviews to help you decide whether or not to put your money into a product or service.

Imagine Games Network (IGN) Possibly the best place to go for game reviews, previews, news, media, or anything regarding games on any platform. Whether it be GameCube, Nintendo 64, PC, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation, or Playstation 2, IGN will have the latest on everything.

Visit Nina's Page Visit my friend Nina's site.

Jenny's Page This site belongs to one of my friends. Go see it, browse around, and sign the guestbook.

AssWipe's HomePage, my friend's page, visit often, it's under heavy construction.

My Friend Shorty's WebPage, it's brand new, and kinda dry, but check back often, because it is definitely going to be updated often.

TRoLL aka THEoddONE's WebPage, another friend with a cool webpage, download music from his site too.

Isis's HomePage, this page is also almost brand new.

View my friend Boo's Monte Carlo. I know it's a Chevy, but it's a pre-1990 model, and the color and condition of it is pretty cool.

Amanda Lane's Website.

My friend Windy's site, it is about a very different subject, check it out.

Jess's Cool WebSite!!!

Julie's Homepage Another of my friend's web sites.

TaraGirly's WebPage, friend of a friend's page, very nice design, and content.

DOWNLOAD ICQ I'm on ICQ, my UIN number is 5287443. ICQ is really useful if you have friends on the internet.

Come to GeoCities' java chat rooms, I usually go to these chat rooms, "high tech" mostly, on the weekends after 10:00p.m. Eastern time zone.

FREE WEB SPACE from Tripod, get 11mb of free web space, just for requesting it, or pay and get 22mb's. It's pretty good, that is what I'm using right now. They have ftp service, or you can use Netscape to upload your files. No HTML knowledge needed(unless you want a page like mine) with their optional QuickPage service. Very straight forward server, go directly to designing your page, none of the fancy jargon that just takes up time. Very good server if you are looking forward to having a long-term, constantly updated, webpage.

FREE WEB SPACE from GeoCities, get 11mb of free space, but finding an open spot is a pain in the ass, and people has complained about their program manager, but all-in-all, it's pretty good, I have an account with them too, I have no problems with it yet. Most popular server I know of, that means it is very crowded too. They have ftp service, or you could upload with "easy uploader" with Netscape or IE4. No HTML knowledge needed for this one neither with their optional auto-HTML service. Get your own email forwarding service, GeoCities guestbook, GeoCities counter, and they have a private, members only banner service to increase hits. Pay for GeoPlus, and get 25mb's of space, and other services. Very organized, and safe, but Tripod is my first choice.

FREE WEB SPACE from Focus-Asia, another free service, but now this one is located in Singapore, so it might be a little slow unless you live close to Singapore. They offer not 2, but 5mb of free space for your using. Uploading is of good speed, which could be done with ftp, or with Netscape. HTML knowledge is semi-needed. They offer free email forwarding, with an auto-responder, which I've found to be pretty cool, you can fax and page someone in Singapore(if you know someone there) for free, and they have their own chat, and a very organized program manager. They have many features that is very useful, the only drawback is the location of the server which makes it a little slow sometimes for people in the US. I have an account with them, they are really good and is jam packed with free services with your membership. Give this one a try.

FREE WEB SPACE from Fortune City, another free service. It offers 10mb of free space. It is set up almost like GeoCities, with different "cities" and "blocks" to "live" in. I have an account with them. I did not notice any specific problems, nor did I find anything really special about it, it seems ok, and I'm not too sure about speed at the moment.

FREE WEB SPACE from Angelfire, another free service. Get 5mb of free web space for your website. I have an account with it, and I've had multiple problems with it, uploading is very slow, sometimes they will tell you that you have ran out of space, but you really have over a megabyte left. You could either use ftp, or use Netscape or IE4 to upload your files, although it usually doesn't work. HTML knowledge is not needed with their fill out a form and post format, which I do not like since I would rather write the whole HTML myself because you can do more with that. Angelfire provides a lot of images for you to use in your webpage(s). Use the others before using this one.

Saleen Performance's Website. See the coolest cars on earth. Make sure you visit this, and Ford Motorsport's site.

Ford's WebSite Here you will find pictures, links, and TONS of information on almost every type of car made or owned by Ford, since it IS the official Ford WebSite.

Ford Motorsport's WebPage Ford Motorsport includes all Ford cars that are in racing. These vehicles usually win more than any other car company. Very cool site, make sure you visit this one and the Saleen site too.

Ferrari's WebSite. Italy's two-cents of what a real sports car is, makers of the former fastest street car on earth.

Gator: Your smart online companion!
Gator: Your smart online companion!

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